SCATEO is the perfect alcohol-free accompaniment for people who want to enjoy the game of life in all its facets, with full awareness and in sparkling style.
In Old Latin the name means to GUSH FORTH or to STREAM FORTH, which in the case of our SCATEO refers to its VITALITY and JOIE DE VIVRE.
Our ancestors knew of the wholesome qualities of NATURALLY ripened, specially processed PARADISE FRUITS. Like an artesian well the alcohol-free, crisp freshness of finest GRAPES rises to form an invigorating, spritely source.

SCATEO revives the spirits through the retention of all the natural goodness of the valuable vitamins and minerals within the grapes.
Our complex production technology is based on an intelligent development of ANCIENT ORIENTAL extraction processes and guarantees a product that is 100% alcohol-free for today's health-conscious gourmet.
SCATEO is therefore also especially LOW IN CALORIES but nevertheless complex in flavour through the natural diversity of aromas within the grapes.
SCATEO is certified according to the strictest HALAL regulations; this is our GUARANTEE OF QUALITY.


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